6 Ideas to Use Digital Signage for Internal Communication Boost

April 8, 2024


This article will provide organizations with creative and effective ideas on using digital signage to enhance internal communications, thereby improving information dissemination, employee engagement, and operational efficiency. 


Digital signage offers display options across large screens within a company that enhances internal communications. 

A recent study on CNBC indicated that more than 80% of employees have felt or currently feel lonely at work, especially in light of hybrid workplace solutions. But digital signage communications can help increase interaction and do away with the headaches of “I didn’t get the message; I was working from home” or “Why didn’t anyone notify me this was happening next week?”

Digital signage for corporate communications makes it possible to instantly communicate with specific audiences, whether that is employees on a specific floor, those in a meeting, or people who are collaborating on a project. Regardless of the size of your company, you can use digital signage for internal communications easily and effectively, saving time and money. 

But what are the best ways to use digital signage for employee communication? We review the top six ways. 

meeting in the corporate hall using an interactive digital signage

6 ideas to use digital signage for enhancing internal communication

Idea # 1

The first way to use digital signage to enhance internal communication is to broadcast real-time company news, updates, and essential announcements.

Real-Time Company News

With the right digital signage for internal communications, corporations, and small businesses alike can broadcast real-time company news or updates. 

For example:

  • A company can display updated hours of operation for a call center
  • IT problems can be posted in real-time across company-wide networks, so employees know an issue is being worked on
  • Changes to time or location for meetings, phone calls, or presentations can be displayed

Traffic and Weather

Traffic and weather feeds can help employees prepare for their commute home. This data can offer insight into safe planning for business trips and lunch breaks, too. 

Emergency Alerts

Emergency alerts can be quickly displayed across all digital signs in your office or across multiple locations. With integration features, emergency alert systems can automatically change the display on your screens and offer employees real-time notifications. 

Idea #2

The second way to use digital signage to improve employee communication is to celebrate achievements, contributions, or milestones. 

Employee Notifications

Quick displays can be shared to notify employees who achieved things like employee of the month

Sharing content related to achievements for the company or employees who stand out can encourage everyone to do their best. 

Internal Notifications

Sharing notifications like positive feedback that users have posted on a company social media page or pictures from the most recent employee picnic can also make team members feel more connected. 

Such internal notifications can not only help different branches feel connected to one another by sharing information from one location to the next but also boost morale for employees who might work in different divisions or who are using hybrid solutions and regularly work from home.

Idea #3

The second way is to display training pertinent information about continuing education or training. 


With digital signage for internal communications, you can share updates on:

  • Deadlines
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Training schedules

Sharing this information can offer employees a chance to add deadlines or conferences to their schedule, which they may not have been aware were happening. This can alleviate issues of poor communication or time changes to meetings that don't always trickle down to everyone involved.

It will also help staff update their calendars regarding pertinent information and improve planning for everyone in your office.

Continuing Education

Keep information posted about e-learning opportunities through local universities with whom your organization has partnerships or educational workshops with sign-up and attendance data. 

If, for example, you have an IT department that requires regular certifications, consider posting calendar-based reminders for how long each certification is valid with links to where employees can access educational information and take tests to recertify. 

Idea #4

Displaying real-time operational data and key performance indicators (KPIs) can keep teams informed and aligned. 

Statistics for Sales Teams

If your company has a sales floor, key statistics for those who are on shift can be displayed with regular updates to ranking, commissions, or other relevant sales data. This can be a particularly useful way to share milestones and contributions for companies whose commissions are based on weekly bonuses for rank/sales capture data/closes. 

Such information can serve as encouragement for those staff who need increased motivation to stay on target or reach the next bonus metric for the week. 

It can also be a useful metric if you have things like challenges for different shifts or different locations. sharing updated information can help different branches or franchises know where they stand in relation to the productivity and performance of other regions. 

report on analytics using digital signage

Idea #5

Use your display screens to update and remind employees about health and safety protocols.

Safety Guidelines

Digital signage for corporate communications that share safety guidelines and reminders. For example, as winter approaches, display alerts remind employees about dangerous ice conditions. 

Sharing this information regularly can create a workplace centered on cooperation, support, and safety while also encouraging strong corporate responsibility. 

Countdown Displays

Countdown displays can also be a fun way to track things like how many days it has been since the last accident on the floor or how many more days until a big presentation. 

Idea #6

Finally, digital signage for employee communication can be a place that allows employees to give feedback and participate in decision-making via interactive polls and feedback channels. Not every employee feels comfortable expressing their feelings about policy changes or has the knowledge of who to contact. 

Instead of making it difficult for employees to pin down a contact person, set up digital solutions with QR codes or email options where employees can offer feedback about:

  • Recent changes
  • Wording on scripts
  • IT functions
  • Bonuses
  • Hours 
  • Vacation time

Using Digital Signage for Internal Communication Boost

Overall, there are several innovative ways digital signage can be leveraged for internal communications. Companies big and small should evaluate their communication strategies and consider integrating digital signage solutions to make the most out of limited display space, boost morale, and improve communications for all employees.

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