Turn any screen into a digital sign!

Easily see and control what is shown.

Delight & engage customers, visitors, students or employees with your customized content.


Our customers love us

"Our beer menu is always changing. It's nice to be able to update it from anywhere."

- Brewing Company (Newmarket, NH)

"Clients now see our full list of services - many were unaware of what we offered, until now!"

- Shaggin Salon (Manchester, NH)

"Everyone loves it! Our clients get to learn about our new classes while they wait."

- Core Concepts Pilates (Jupiter, FL)

How it works

Centrally send content to any number of screens.

Key Features

Signage App Store


Leverage a variety of apps to present content to your screens. We've got apps for slides, images, videos and more!



Create custom playlists by combining media from apps. Customize time and the order of content.

Kiosk Mode


Play your content in full screen with confidence. Use a touch screen to make it interactive.

Remote Preview


See what's showing on your screens. Rest easy knowing your content is front and center.

Seating area in a condo building with Display NOW digital signage.

Born out of necessity.

Display NOW was originally created to help communicate important information to residents of DNA Lofts, a residential building in Boston, MA USA.

First, we went the do-it-yourself route and spent a lot of time trying to keep content front and center. We were looking for a simple, reliable, cost-effective solution and couldn't find one - and so Display NOW was born.

- Chris Dukich, Founder


We've got A's for your Q's

What do I need to get started?

You'll need a Windows 10 PC, a screen and an HDMI cable to get started. Any PC will do!

Simply install the Display NOW Digital Signage Player app from the Microsoft Store on the PC and enter the pairing code into Display NOW Manager.

Web Player along with Android Apps coming April (Chromecast with Google TV, Fire TV, etc)!

What does it cost?

It's just $12.99/month/screen. It's that simple.

No gimmicks or fancy games with pricing plans like the other guys.  

How does it work?

Simply download the Display NOW Digital Signage Player app and enter the pairing code into Display NOW Manager.

Once the display is activated, you can add media and create a playlist. Connect the playlist to your display and you're good to go!

Why should I choose Display NOW?

Digital signage allows you show people your products & services in a whole new way. It helps you create an immersive experience.

Our solution is simple, reliable and affordable. We're regularly add new features to help meet the ever evolving needs of our customers.

Everyone gets 14 days free.


No credit card required.