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At Display NOW, we're changing the way content is displayed and managed through our advanced cloud-based digital signage platform. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional signage systems. With Display NOW's cloud digital signage, you can remotely manage and broadcast content from a cloud server to multiple screens with ease.

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Digital signage helps dental patients discover services that change their lives.

Cloud Digital Signage

Step into the future with Display NOW's Cloud Digital Signage. Our SaaS-based solution removes the need for physical servers, offering a streamlined approach that's accessible from anywhere. Maintain complete control over your digital signage network, keeping your displays updated with the latest and most relevant content.

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Digital Signage Widgets and Apps

Enhance your content with Display NOW's array of digital signage widgets and apps. Incorporate social media, news tickers, weather forecasts, and more to create a dynamic and interactive experience. Engage your audience with live feeds, multimedia content, and interactive applications that captivate and inform.

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Digital Signage Dashboards

Manage your digital signage network with ease using Display NOW's intuitive Digital Signage Dashboard Manager. Our user-friendly interface provides a comprehensive view of your displays, allowing you to monitor performance, schedule content, and analyze viewer engagement. Gain real-time insights and utilize management tools to refine your digital signage strategy for maximum effectiveness.

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Digital Signage Studio

Bring your creative visions to life with Display NOW's Digital Signage Studio. Our drag-and-drop editor makes content creation a breeze, enabling you to design eye-catching visuals, integrate multimedia elements, and tell compelling stories. Whether promoting a product, sharing news, or celebrating an event, our studio provides the tools you need to captivate your audience.

Digital Signage Scheduler

Streamline your content strategy with Display NOW's Digital Signage Scheduler. Plan and automate your content delivery to ensure your displays are always fresh and relevant. Schedule campaigns in advance, set recurring content sequences, and update your displays in real-time. With our scheduler, you can ensure that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.

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Digital Signage Software Player

Our digital signage player is beneficial for businesses as it allows for easy and remote content management. Compatible devices include smart TVs and streaming sticks like Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Google TV, and Google TV Stick. Setting up involves connecting the player to a display screen and Wi-Fi network, installing the Display NOW software, and configuring settings. The process is designed to be straightforward, allowing for content updates from any device and scalability to multiple screens​​​​.

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People are captivated by screens. The use of various types of media attracts eyeballs.


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People are captivated by screens. The use of various types of media attracts eyeballs.


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People are captivated by screens. The use of various types of media attracts eyeballs.
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