More Than Decor: 7 Reasons to Integrate Office Digital Signage for a Dynamic Workspace

April 11, 2024

Digital signage has gained popularity as a medium for marketing or advertisements, and yet the concept of digital signage in an office environment offers several benefits. As office spaces have evolved to incorporate more digital technology, office digital signage provides dynamic workplaces with opportunities for real-time updates, improved communication, and higher engagement.

7 reasons to integrate office digital signage for a dynamic workspace

But how does the use of digital signage enhance a dynamic workspace?

1. Enhancing Communication

The first reason you should integrate office digital signage is to enhance communication. Today, many offices continue with hybrid models where individuals might be working in the office, at home, or off-site.

You can enhance communication by incorporating a directory function where all employees at the beginning of their shift check in with an appropriate designation as to whether they are working at home, at their office, or traveling for work. Additional designations can include things like:

  • In a meeting
  • At lunch
  • Away from the desk
  • On vacation

Using digital signage features, companies can improve communication by enabling these features to update in real-time on digital displays. That way employees can quickly see when they look up from their desks, where another employee is. They'll know whether they have to walk down the hall to reach out to a team member or whether it's better to call them on their cell phone because they're working from home.

2. Boosting Employee Engagement

Office digital signs, employees can improve engagement. Recent studies from CNBC indicated that more than 80% of employees feel lonely with regard to their workplace, but heightened engagement can do away with this loneliness.

Engagement can include additional notifications for people who may have been out of the office or missed a particular meeting, updates on company policies, or information about upcoming events.

Tip: If your office is in the middle of a city, put together an interactive function that has a map linked with different restaurant locations within a few miles of the office. Give employees an interactive function that lets them review the menu before they leave the office for lunch and provide ranking details when they come back. This can be a collaborative way to engage all employees and provide useful information on the best spots for things like coffee and a quick bite.

3. Improving Operational Efficiency

Internal communications can be shared in a way that improves operational efficiency.

In a hospital or medical facility, internal digital signage for office spaces can show nurses and doctors display boards with patient information listing things like:

  1. The name of the patient in each room
  2. What they are being treated for
  3. What medications they are on
  4. Whether they have any special requirements for things like food
  5. Who the last person was to speak with them
  6. What additional measures need to be taken, such as writing prescriptions or providing education for managing an ongoing condition

In a service center, that same type of office digital signage can provide technicians with a view of who has registered or checked in for an appointment and what that appointment is. Technicians can see which types of services are left for the day with internal estimates for things like:

  1. How long that service is expected to take
  2. Whether the customer is waiting or will return later for a pickup
  3. How many other people are needed for the job
  4. Whether they are waiting on something like a parts delivery to begin work
  5. Where the vehicle or other piece of equipment is currently waiting
office digital signage

4. Supporting Corporate Culture

Digital office signage offers a reliable way to support corporate culture.

For example:

  • Companies can post relevant information about upcoming events such as holiday parties, company picnics, or other outings. Pictures and videos can be circulated from previous corporate trips or training sessions to prepare people for upcoming events.
  • Corporations can improve corporate culture by providing real-time news feed updates or social media interactions so that employees can see what milestones have been reached in other branches or other offices, how a new department has raised money or increased sustainability, and the ways in which customers are positively responding via social media platforms.

5. Facilitating Wayfinding

Digital signage for office spaces can provide wayfinding stations, which is especially important for corporate offices. This not only helps employees locate the offices or departments they need but is also critical in helping visitors.

Tip: Consider incorporating check-in facilities with wayfinding stations for visitors so that notifications can be automatically sent to the individual or department they are visiting when they check in in a lobby. This not only sends an alert that the visitor is on-site but can also help the visitor figure out which elevator to use or where to go in the building.

Wayfinding can also be an opportunity to display welcome information for guests. If a company is planning a conference, small event, or meeting, information about the location for said event or meeting can be displayed with the same office digital signage, making it easier for guests to make their way around a company.

6. Enhancing Training and Development

Digital office signage is a way to enhance training and development.

For example:

Companies with staff who need to keep up to date on security certifications or ongoing education can view calendar features with integrated notification systems that regularly post when new certifications are due or what updates are applied to ongoing educational requirements.

  • With the right type of integration, digital signage for office spaces can provide each department with quick support mechanisms like QR codes where they can locate nearby First Aid training if they need to recertify and first aid.
  • Voice automation integration can utilize AI technology and allow employees to ask questions about license or certification requirements based on their department or field and get training and development information posted on the display board. 

7. Flexibility and Sustainability

Finally, digital office signage can provide flexibility and sustainability. No longer does your company have to worry about a printing budget and instead can utilize low-cost technology to provide much more information than ever before.


There are several compelling reasons to integrate digital signage into the modern office. You can find personalized ways that work best for your company culture, location, and needs. As office managers, business leaders, and IT departments, you should consider how digital signage can transform your workplace today.

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