Advertising with Digital Signage: Best Tactics to Boost Brand Visibility

May 3, 2024


This article will provide a comprehensive guide to using digital signage as an effective advertising tool, detailing strategic tactics for maximizing brand visibility and engaging potential customers through innovative content and smart placement.


Modern marketing has continually evolved as a medium reaching the latest evolution with the form of digital signage. Businesses today are increasing their inclusion of digital signage advertising strategies across several industries, with promising results.

advertising digital sign in a clothing store signals discounts

The Advantages of Digital Signage Advertising

There are several benefits of digital signage advertising that extend to the customer experience, their level of engagement, your personal sales figures, and brand awareness.

Brand awareness

Advertising with digital signage increases brand awareness. This provides consistently displayed information about things like:

  • Promotions
  • Products
  • Your brand

For example:

  • A corporation can continually display information about its current environmentally friendly objectives or annual donations.
  • A restaurant can continually display updated pricing for fresh foods based on seasonal availability.

Sales figures

Advertising with digital signage increases sales. Some research indicates that those who use digital signage see an increase in sales by around 33%. This comes from things like:

  • Increased traffic
  • Improved marketing information recall
  • Increased loyalty
  • Increased impulse buying

In fact, studies indicate that advertising with digital signage is directly responsible for 19% of in-store impulse purchases.

Engagement levels

Advertising digital signage information increases customer engagement. You can create content that is consistently engaging through interactive features like social media links, QR codes, and even customer-specific loyalty information.

User experience

The benefits of digital signage seamlessly improve the user experience by doing things like managing where people congregate in a business or office, helping to naturally move the flow of traffic wherever signs are displayed. Moreover, it can offer activities and engagement for users who are standing in line or waiting for a service.

Best Tactics for Advertising with Digital Signage

In order to capitalize on all of these advertising with digital signage benefits you need to utilize the right tactics. 

Understanding Your Advertising Goals

You need to first understand your advertising goals. 

  • Is your digital signage there to provide useful information like venue locations and times for different speakers at a conference?
  • Is it there to utilize high-catching graphics that remind customers of current promotions and new products?

A single company may need to employ several advertising strategies in order to meet different goals that extend to things like:

  • Limited-time promotions
  • Loyalty deals
  • Time-sensitive changes about meeting time and placement
  • Advertising for local concerts
  • Sign-ups for community outreach programs 
  • Holiday-based advertising

Audience Targeting Strategies

Successful digital signage advertising means using audience targeting strategies. This can include strategies based on location data as customers move through a given venue but it can also include information based on customer loyalty if, for example, a customer is signed into their account.

  • Consider offering free guest Wi-Fi, and when clients sign in, use location data to pinpoint where they are walking through a given office and update the advertisements as they move from one digital sign to another.
  • If customers use a touch screen to view information like certain sales or promotions, new products, or a specific service, advertise a follow-up promotion like complimentary clothing items that complete an ensemble, secondary services that might be recommended, and more.

Creating Compelling Content

In order to reap the advantages of digital signage advertising you need to create content that is compelling. compelling content could include things like social media integration where customers can see a live stream of tweets from a recent campaign. It also includes simple, easy to read information without too many colors or images.

Be aware of how large the text has to be in order to be viewable based on where you have installed your digital signage. Don't overwhelm customers by putting too much information in there, but be sure to prioritize the most important information in the largest text.

In order to increase brand awareness, consider using two or three colors exclusively, picking a bold color associated with your brand. 

Optimal Placement of Signage

Where you place your signs is important, and this will fluctuate from one business to the next. 

Some companies might need to, for example, place digital signage so that it is installed horizontally around the same height as a full length mirror in order to encourage touch screen capabilities and customer integration.

Other companies might need to install digital signage vertically in front of a seating area in a lobby so customers can view their place in line or above a counter so customers can see menu items and prices before they order.

people in a shopping center walk near an advertising digital sign

Integrating with Digital Marketing Efforts

Don't be afraid to integrate with other digital marketing efforts particularly things like social media integration. Dynamic incorporation of social media feeds can encourage feelings of connection between customers and your brand.

Leveraging Technology and Innovation

Leverage technology and innovation in such a way that you can optimize the content you create for your needs.

For example, a hospital or medical center might want to leverage technology that provides them with secure links so that customers can sign in when they arrive for an appointment and submit identification and insurance information.

Measuring and Analyzing Performance

Always measure and analyze the performance of each strategy you employ. You can measure things like changes in social media integration, reduced wait times for patients and clients, and sales figures to verify the efficacy of each strategy you try. 


There are several tactics that you can use when advertising with digital signage to boost your brand visibility. This includes interacting with digital marketing efforts so that you can maintain and update digital signage systems with fresh and relevant content. 

As is the case with any marketing strategy, you'll need to be sure to utilize routine evaluations and make adjustments based on analytics and feedback so that you have optimal signage placement with compelling content that is continually adjusted based on performance. Don't be afraid to innovate and continuously improve your digital signage strategies for advertising.

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