Digital Signage Content Ideas to Consider For 2024

April 1, 2024


This article will provide businesses and digital signage operators with creative and effective content ideas and strategies to enhance audience engagement and maximize the impact of their digital signage investments in 2024. 


Digital signage is quickly becoming a popular option for businesses and public spaces. In 2024, digital signage content will become much more relevant, and as such, businesses need reliable digital content strategies that help them achieve success.

Innovative Digital Signage Content Ideas for 2024

Below are the top seven innovative digital signage content ideas for your business.

#1. Interactive Content 

Interactive content can be an effective tool to captivate and inform viewers. It can include guidelines on things like location data, polls, or quizzes.

For example:

Restaurants could implement interactive digital menus on their signs, allowing customers to explore dish descriptions, see ingredients, and even watch short clips of meals being prepared to enhance their dining decision-making process.

Fitness centers might feature interactive digital signage that guides users through workout routines, offers tips on proper form, and provides information about classes and personal training services, encouraging member participation and promoting health education.

young man standing in front of a large digital screen

#2. Augmented Reality Integrations

Augmented reality integrations can be a great way to create informational content. 

For example:

Companies that are selling unique computer products or innovative car designs can display augmented reality integrations on their digital signs that give a deep dive into the blueprint of the model, taking it all apart and showing the different components as they are assembled.

Companies with unique medical products can do the same, showcasing the tools or techniques they use in their office to patients waiting for a procedure or considering a procedure.

#3. Live Content Feeds

Live content feeds can be linked to the news, weather, or social media updates. This gives customers something to watch while also keeping them engaged rather than leaving your facility. Integration with social media pages can provide details about the company and up-to-date posts for a regional or national Twitter feed.

When customers have access to things like weather and news, they are more likely to linger comfortably, have something to discuss, and potentially make increased purchases.

For other businesses like doctors' offices or dentist offices, live content feeds can save money by replacing outdated magazine subscriptions and allowing patients and their families something to watch in real-time.

#4. Personalized Content

Nearly 80% of shoppers are influenced by things they find online before they make a purchase in stores, which is why the best digital signage content ideas for 2024 should include personalized content that ties back to previous internet search history.

Using location data with individuals who are signed into an account, companies can offer personalized content on their digital signs.

For example:

In real-time, digital signage content could offer a limited-time discount on items that customers have previously ordered. This might include displaying coupons for a specific meal or a drink that a customer has ordered regularly, with a discount that's only valid for 30 minutes, roughly the amount of time that a customer would spend walking by that display and shopping around. 

Digital signage content ideas for personalized information could also extend to those who, within a limited geographic area, have a browsing history on the company website or who have used the company app before.

For example:

In real-time, location information for a specific clothing item could be put on display based on the customer's history of having searched for that item and added it to their cart but never actually purchased it.

#5. Sustainability and Eco-friendly Messages

Companies can use digital spaces to spread messages about their sustainability and eco-friendliness, letting customers know how they source their materials or how their manufacturing benefits local economies.

#6. Holiday and Seasonal Themes

Companies can utilize a digital signage content strategy that incorporates holiday and seasonal themes. This can be a great way to connect with customers, acknowledge holidays, and also share pertinent company information.

For example:

A digital sign might list an upcoming holiday like Veterans Day, sending out a message of gratitude to all those who served while also listing things like:

  • Unique sales for Veterans with ID
  • Store hours
  • Small facts about Veterans Day to keep readers engaged
interactive information platforms

#7. Local Events and Community Engagement Content

Businesses can build a customer base by participating in and supporting local events. Over 80% of companies can improve recruitment and reduce turnover by volunteering in the community. Moreover, 44% of businesses grow as a result of supporting local events. 

For example:

If there is a local orchestra or a high school football team with upcoming events, digital signage content could list the next orchestra performance or the football team's upcoming game schedule. This can be a display outside an event center or a ticketing office. This might include providing details like:

  • Event hours
  • Digital flyers, if they have one
  • Information on donations with a rolling list of up-to-date donors in the community so far
  • A QR code for additional event details

Community engagement content can be displayed on digital signage not only throughout local companies but at local schools and public centers such as parks. Parks might display things like hours of operation, weather feed, and other events in the community. 

The Best Digital Content Strategy

The best digital signage content ideas might be multiple ideas, too. For example:

  • An office can keep a digital sign posted in their waiting room with a weather and news feed, but during breaks, display relevant holiday information or advertisements for local community events. 
  • A restaurant can keep a digital sign near the door with menu listings for those waiting for a table, as well as hours of operation and interactive games. 
  • A car repair shop can keep a digital sign in the front office with augmented reality integrations showcasing the inner workings of car engines or how repairs are done, as well as quizzes for personal interaction and event information for community events. 


A good digital signage content strategy needs to include information that stimulates community engagement, offers personalized content, sends appropriate holiday themes, or offers things like live feed details. Businesses and public spaces should continually innovate and evolve their digital signage strategies based on personal needs, but this list provides a great starting point.

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