The Benefits of Church Digital Signage for Community Engagement

June 15, 2024

Today, digital signage is growing in popularity across several sectors. However, digital signage isn’t limited to promoting sales. Digital signage solutions for churches offer a new way to enhance community engagement. 

The Benefits of Church Digital Signage

There are several key benefits of investing in church digital signage, from enhancing the worship experience to promoting church events.

#1. Enhancing Worship Experience

Digital signage can actually enhance the worship experience itself. 

  • When presenting a sermon, digital signage can be a way to display quotes, graphics, or relevant Bible verses.
  • During worship services, digital signage can display music lyrics.

Things like music displays can cut down on the significant cost of having to invest in hymnals or other music books and make it much easier for people to not only participate but to look up from something they would otherwise be holding in their hand to the lyrics posted above the stage. This enhances the overall sense of community while also promoting better visibility for the musicians.

#2. Facilitating Communication

Another big benefit of church digital signage is the facilitation of better communication. This type of communication involves all things such as:

  • Upcoming events
  • The chapters that will be covered during the service
  • Reminders to silence phones before a sermon
  • Information about special services for holidays
  • Reminders about potlucks after church services

#3. Promoting Church Events and Activities

When you have activities and church events, it becomes the responsibility of someone, usually the person hosting the event or church leadership, to create and share flyers and other physical documents about that event.

A single promotional flyer might need to be edited and transformed so that it can be printed in different sizes, with bigger posters that are easily readable from parking lots, smaller papers that can be hung on the inside of glass doors, and those smaller leaflets that can be passed out to friends and community members.

Not only does this take a great deal of time and expertise, but it costs money. Making sure that the promotional displays are on reliable cardstock with a lot of bright colors will cost even more compared to a black and white printout on standard copier paper.

When you opt for digital signage for churches, you have an opportunity to share information digitally on a regular basis.

  • You don't have to spend money or time crafting paper printouts or flyers.
  • You can make fast and easy changes to things like the time and event will start or the location without having to distribute new information.
  • You can reach a wider audience when promoting your activities and church events.
church digital signage

#4. Community Building and Outreach

One of the hardest things that many churches have to contend with is getting more community involvement and bringing people to their congregation.

For some churches, this is because people can't easily see the hours or when services take place. Finding the right-sized display can be a challenge when accounting for how quickly cars drive by a road. 

But digital signage for churches can make quick and fast adjustments to font size or colors when necessary, to ensure the important information relating to community involvement, volunteerism, church-based summer camps, or service hours are displayed. 

#5. Educational Uses of Digital Signage in Churches

Church digital signage offers a viable medium for displaying educational information. This can take many forms. 

  • Some churches also have daycare centers or schools that operate on campus, for which church digital signage could be a medium for communicating educational information to parents.
  • Other churches might want to display educational material related to things like what the service will cover the following Sunday or what chapters to read ahead of time for things like Bible study.

#6. Fundraising and Donation Drives

If you have an upcoming fundraiser or your church is hosting a seasonal donation, one of the best ways to raise awareness is with church digital signage. This makes it much easier to ensure everyone is able to view the pertinent information regardless of whether or not they have been at church recently.

  • Church members who have to leave church early or don't show up early enough to hear the morning announcements can still see details about fundraising and donation drives on digital signage.
  • People who drive by and may not attend can still see that a donation or fundraiser is taking place and participate.

When using church digital signage software, you can make quick and fast updates to any pertinent information like:

  1. How long a fundraiser will take place 
  2. How many tickets are still available
  3. What types of donations are being accepted
  4. Where to leave donations
  5. Whether the fundraiser has met its goals

Fun graphics can be incorporated to display a target of fundraising goals and how many tickets have been sold to reach that target or how many things have been donated to reach that target.

More importantly, with the right type of church digital signage software, you can establish the time frame for when you want a particular event to be displayed, and it can automatically rotate through multiple postings like community outreach, educational information, and fundraiser information and then stop the fundraiser display at a particular date.

This goes a long way not only toward ensuring that it's much easier to facilitate the spread of information but also to avoid having to physically go around and collect outdated posters and flyers from the church building. 

#7. Streamlining Church Management

Many churches have IT departments in charge of managing display information like worship and upcoming educational activities. With church digital signage software, church management can be much more streamlined, cutting down on overall costs.


The right type of church digital signage software can offer a wide range of benefits for churches looking to display pertinent information about worship to those who want to increase community involvement. Digital signage offers churches a chance to engage and utilize their communities. Consider embracing technology today to foster a more connected and informed church community.

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