Get a Player Setup In Minutes.

To show content on a screen you'll need to pair a player with Display NOW Manager.

You can pair an unlimited number of screens, add your content, and manage it all from anywhere, anytime, any device.

Illustration of Fire TV stick being turned into a digital sign.
The app is paired with manager to create a digital sign. Our app is available in all major app stores.

Download The Display NOW Digital Signage Player App.


Install the app on a compatible device of your choice. Pair the player with so you can show media manage it from anywhere.

  • Set it up and forget about it.
  • Easily update content from anywhere, on any device.
  • Scale to any number of screens.
Web Player

Player App for iOS, Samsung and LG TVs coming soon!

Manager works on desktop and mobile devices so you can manage your screens from anywhere.

Need A Streaming Device?

Below are some popular options. Install the Player app on a device of your choice or use our web player. Nothing expensive or proprietary is required.

Windows 10 PC

Order from Amazon.


Don't have a device? Use a web browser!

Point a web browser to and pair it with Manager using the code shown.