Creative Ways to Use Meeting Room Digital Signage Beyond Scheduling

June 12, 2024

Traditionally, digital signage used in meeting rooms was relegated to scheduling. Businesses relied on digital signage to display upcoming schedules for appointments or meetings. Today, however, there are innovative uses that leverage technology, such as the Windows App in Kiosk Mode and Google TVs, for enhanced functionality of meeting room digital signage.

Enhancing Meeting Efficiency with Digital Signage

So, how can your business make the most out of meeting room digital signage?

Dynamic Agenda Displays

The first way to use digital meeting room signage is to display meeting agendas and updates in real-time. 

For example:

When companies send representatives on a business trip, there might be restrictions as to who is allowed into classified spaces based on who has been read in on specific programs. Delineating which programs will be covered in different parts of a meeting can ensure representatives know when they should be in attendance. 

Real-time updates can be made with minimal disruption, ensuring that new information about meeting times or places remains current for those who see the board. This makes information dissemination much faster and more reliable than passing out updates by hand or trying to send emails at the last minute. 

These displays don't have to be particularly large either. They can be installed outside of individual conference rooms or meeting rooms using a screen as small as a tablet, and from there, you can incorporate meeting room management options as well.

Interactive Presentations

One of the biggest successes behind digital signage is its ability to turn a static presentation into something engaging. When it comes to digital signage for meeting rooms, companies have the opportunity to create presentations with multimedia elements like videos and images, all of which allow participants to interact with the presentations directly. This increases engagement and visibility, ensuring that employees walk away with a deeper understanding of the presentation material.

meeting room digital signage

Facilitating Collaboration

If your company plans to use digital signage in conference rooms, it's important to understand how to facilitate collaboration and improve participation from all participants. Depending on the purpose of your presentation or meeting, there are plenty of ways to achieve this.

Screen Casting and Sharing

One way is with screencasting and sharing. Companies can utilize Google TVs to cast presentations and collaborative content directly on the meeting room’s digital signage.

Leveraging Kiosk Mode for Secure Access

Another popular use of digital meeting room signage is leveraging kiosk mode for secure access. 

What does this entail?

The software you use to manage your meeting room digital signage can be controlled by admins who can use kiosk mode to place limits on:

  • What devices can do
  • How many applications or programs can run at once
  • Who can access the device settings or websites

Why is this important? 

This provides benefits to secure meeting room PCs by limiting access to other device settings so that presentations aren't interrupted, increasing security, and preventing unauthorized persons or systems from accessing sensitive information. 

Utilizing Idle Display for Branding and Communication

You can utilize digital signage for meeting rooms that capitalize on idle display screen time for better branding and communication.

Branding Opportunities

Companies can use idle screen time to display branded content or corporate messages. This effectively turns all of your conference room digital signage into a screensaver that can reflect the identity of your brand, with customizable and dynamic information about things like:

  • Office rules
  • Meeting participants
  • Schedules
  • Wi-fi passwords
  • Other attendees 
  • Statistics about your company
  • Recently completed projects
  • Green initiatives
  • Employee achievements

Employee Engagement

When there isn't an active meeting taking place or outside participants coming to your company, you can still increase engagement among employees. Meeting room digital signage displays can use idle display time to:

  • Showcase company news
  • Broadcast employee achievements
  • Share motivational quotes

Integration with Room Booking Systems

Digital signage can be integrated with room booking systems for improved management and utilization of meeting spaces. 

Room booking systems can increase the efficiency of all of your conference or meeting rooms by quickly and effectively organizing meetings. The attendance for these meetings can be displayed on digital signage. 

People no longer have to spend unnecessary amounts of time emailing back and forth to try and decide where or when they are going to meet. Instead, employees can increase productivity and boost morale by quickly and effectively checking which rooms are open and then booking a room through a room booking system.

Integration with room booking systems also allows unobtrusive display features outside of conference room doors or large hallways that are easily visible to those who pass by. Employees might have interactive opportunities where they can look through daily or weekly schedules and see when a room is vacant, when it is occupied, and when it might be available later.

For example:

Participants from six different branches are all coming to the same headquarters building for a series of conferences. Everyone has arrived at the conference room, but they don't know where they should sit or what order the speakers should be. So most people spend the first 15 minutes of the meeting mingling, and no one is quite sure where to sit or if a seat has been occupied because they are waiting for whoever is in charge.

By using digital signage integrated with room booking systems, those same participants can know where to go with a scrolling display that includes:

  1. The schedule for the day
  2. Who else is participating
  3. Quick bios for the speakers
  4. A seating arrangement

This makes it easy for people to find their seats and to recognize who is seated near them by name. 

meeting room digital signage

Advanced Features and Custom Applications

Finally, there are several advanced features and custom applications that can be incorporated into digital signage for meeting rooms. With a wide variety of opportunities you can pick things that are developed for your specific organizational needs. 

This might include the potential use of digital signage for video conferencing integration or remote meeting participation, particularly useful for those who use nearshore or offshore staffing.


The uses of meeting room digital signage are diverse. Don't be afraid to incorporate more creative ways to use your digital signage for conference rooms beyond just scheduling details. Rethink how digital signage can be used in your corporate environment to maximize utility and efficiency.

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