Digital Signage & Customer Experience: The Power of Visual Communication

May 15, 2024

Today digital signage customer experience is more important than ever. The digitization of customer experience options can make your business significantly more effective by shifting the information and advertisements they receive into something that is personalized. 

Adjustments and personalization to content can make sure that customers are engaged and that the displays, for example, a line with personal preferences or previous purchasing behaviors. This type of intuitive technology can go a long way toward helping your business.

Understanding Digital Signage and Customer Experience

Digital signage is a form of digital display that uses a screen to broadcast digital flyers, videos, graphics, and more. 

It comes in many forms, and companies can capitalize on several forms to enhance the customer experience. 

  1. Companies can use digital signage to create standalone kiosks that serve as wayfinding stations as well as promotion material for businesses in a certain shopping center.
  2. Businesses can incorporate digital signage as a form of menu boards, providing information about services and availability as well as pricing. 
  3. Digital signage can assume the traditional role of a digital poster that offers vital information to customers.

The customer experience refers to everything about what a customer enjoys from the moment they interact with your company until they leave. This could include interactions with sales staff, advertisements seen online, access to loyalty programs that send coupons or promotions, as well as digital signage that is seen while in a store.

Retaining customers and fostering brand loyalty hinge on providing customers with a personalized and positive experience. No longer is this a novelty but rather an expectation among customers.

To that end, the intersection of digital signage customer experience provides a chance to make the shopping experience more responsive with different digital displays.

digital signage customer experience

The Role of Digital Signage in Enhancing Customer Experience

Learning how digital signage enhances the customer experience is imperative to your successful incorporation of digital signs and customer loyalty.

Visual Appeal

Firstly, the digitization of customer experience situations hinges on how attractive your campaigns are. Attractive displays will capture attention and create more memorable experiences. 

Displays that are too busy, with multiple colors and moving pictures, might not capture attention because there's too much going on. However, displays that succinctly provide highlighted details on promotions or other pertinent information can make a much more memorable experience because customers will retain that data.


  • Be selective about the font based on the message you are conveying.
  • Choose different sizes for text so that the most important data is the largest.
  • Only have one or two colors with things like text so that you don't have a cluttered display.
  • Try to incorporate moving images or videos for better visual appeal. 

Real-time Information

Secondly, use real-time information. Learning how digital signage enhances the customer experience starts with understanding the need for real-time information. Customers want to know about specific promotions that are happening while they are shopping, not necessarily promotions that might be happening a few weeks down the line. Sometimes, customers also want to know how busy the store is so that they can plan around busy hours for a less stressful shopping experience.

The use of digital signage can provide timely updates on things like how long a line is for a certain service, how busy that facility is if offering different services, and things like which cashiers or checkout lanes are currently open.

With digital signage, customer experience situations can be improved such that customers have total satisfaction by receiving real-time information and promotions, which can be curated based on previous buying experiences to offer a more personalized touch.

Use of digital signage to provide timely updates, promotions, and information, enhancing customer satisfaction.


Thirdly, make it interactive. Interactivity is crucial to improving customer experience. Customers don't just want to look at stagnant information. They want to be able to check on multiple facets that relate to that information based on personalization.

For example:

If there is a sale at a retail store with 30% off select items, that information is the most important piece to convey to customers. However, from there, customers might want interaction that provides a more personalized experience that includes seeing which items fall under the categories they are interested in. One customer might want to look through every item that is on sale, while another might only want to refine the sales search items based on things like size, type, or brand.

Companies can encourage interactivity by linking things like social media. In doing so this can provide simple things like an opportunity for a coupon that can be used immediately when patrons check in online or leave a review or comment on a respective social media page.

digital signage customer experience

Wayfinding Solutions

Finally, consider wayfinding solutions too. Larger facilities like malls, outdoor shopping centers, business parks, and airports can capitalize on digital signage as a wayfinding solution. Wayfinding digital signage customer experience improvement is noticeable across any industry.

It improves navigation so that it's much easier for customers and patrons to figure out things like:

  1. Where to park
  2. Which building to go to
  3. What office to visit
  4. Where there are handicapped access points
  5. Hours of operation for different buildings

This reduces customer frustration.

For example:

A medical center has several services offered on the same sprawling campus, including imaging, x-rays, blood draws, flu shots, and pharmacies. However, each of these buildings is separate and very far apart, with parking lots in between. Digital signage can provide information on which buildings provide what services and the schedule for a shuttle service that goes between the buildings and parking lots.


Overall, the customer experience is a key element in customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty. By incorporating digital signage you can improve the customer experience for all of your customers and patrons and in so doing increase things like sales and retainability. Businesses across all industries should consider digital signage as a crucial tool in enhancing customer experience. 

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