Exploring the Versatility of Video Wall Systems: Applications Across Industries

June 7, 2024

This article will demonstrate the broad range of applications for video wall systems across different industries, showcasing how they can be tailored to meet specific needs and enhance both operational efficiency and user experience.


Video wall display systems are designed as an attention-grabbing centerpiece that offers scale that other technology cannot meet. An LED video wall system offers higher dynamics for several industries, including healthcare, education, corporations, retail, sports, and public transit. 

Video wall systems refer to any system whereby, as the name implies, the majority of a single wall is taken up by a video screen. This type of display has unique technological features, such as no resolution limits. In fact, a video wall system with a proper digital signal processor behind it can display any type of image without losing the quality. It also has better brightness and flexible hardware options.

Industry-specific applications of video wall systems

But what are the best ways to incorporate video wall display systems across different industries?

#1. Retail and Shopping Malls

Retail and shopping malls can enhance the customer experience with dynamic advertising and interactive content. This can include video displays with upcoming promotions, small graphics or videos where individuals watch the life cycle of a particular product while they shop, or promotional programs. 

different applications of video wall systems

#2. Corporate and Office Environments

Corporate and office environments can capitalize on video walls by leveraging the space for branding. Visitors can see rotating exhibits of projects that a company has completed or key statistics about environmentally friendly policies. In a lobby, this not only reinforces your brand but provides better opportunities for entertainment while people are waiting.

Inside the office, you can utilize video wall systems in conference rooms for more effective communication. Large-scale video walls provide better graphics and clearer data, making it easier for professionals to display high-quality blueprints and images.

Businesses can also utilize a video wall system as a way to improve corporate communications and employee engagement, displaying news about the company, recognizing employee achievements, and highlighting other pertinent information like training courses or safety briefings.

#3. Education and Universities

There are several applications for a video wall system in education and universities, particularly in libraries or lecture halls, as a way to offer educational enhancements and announcements.

  1. An LED video wall system can be backlit such that it offers clear brightness and high quality, never washing out even if the sun comes through the windows of a lecture hall. This makes it easy for teachers and students to present sources of information in a more accessible way with more space.
  2. Video wall display systems can be incorporated into educational platforms by way of large displays in the middle of lecture halls, lobbies, or libraries, where they can provide school announcements such as safety details or upcoming events and serve as potential wayfinding stations, with information modified based on short-term needs.

Consider this:

A university has large video wall systems across several lecture halls and administrative buildings. Under normal circumstances, these displays rotate through pertinent information like student achievements, updated safety information, reminders for things like graduation or travel abroad paperwork, and campus-wide events.

However, when they have an alumni weekend or when the university hosts a summer camp, those displays can be modified quickly to provide scheduling details or campus maps for guests.

#4. Healthcare

Within the healthcare industry, the flexible layout options mean that a video wall system can be displayed in many layouts. Companies can invest in:

  • Three-dimensional displays
  • Cube displays
  • Free-standing displays
  • A curved layout 
  • An abstract layout

Things like free-standing three-dimensional displays make it easy for patients to approach without crowding or being near one another, especially when entering sensitive data or reviewing personal information. 

  1. These screens can be used in waiting areas to provide patient education. This helps provide information that makes a weight seem much less lengthy and keeps patients more satisfied.
  2. They can be used in operating theaters for real-time data display of vital statistics. This improves the communication and performance of staff members in a vital area.
  3. The right type of digital display, combined with a video wall system, can improve patient and visitor communication and wayfinding stations.
  4. You can utilize a video wall system to indicate a person's place in the queue so they know how many more patients are ahead of them. On the other hand, this can help visitors or family members see when a loved one is still in surgery or has been moved to a new room.

#5. Entertainment and Sports Venues

Large-scale video walls can significantly improve viewer experiences in stadiums and concert halls. These serve as the focal point in the area with high-definition displays that offer visitors an up-close and personal view of what's happening on stage, no matter how far back they are seated. The screens can also rotate through images of the stage and background displays that support the show.

At sporting events, a video wall system can offer up-close details of a play-by-play situation while also supporting traditional advertising space and providing entertaining facts about the different players as they get involved in the game. 

Event promotions and live broadcasts can also take place at sports venues or other entertainment halls when video walls are installed.

#6. Transportation and Public Spaces

A video wall system in a transportation hub or a public space can enhance passenger experiences and streamline the flow of information. Large video walls can have multiple signals across several sources and screens, each individually controlled, so that multiple sources of information, such as departures, arrivals, advertising space, and stagnant displays, can be offered.

Information dissemination in airports, train stations, and metro systems can be updated on the back end and changed in real time with the right software. This makes it simple for these types of transportation and public venues to provide real-time updates on things like:

  • Departures
  • Delays
  • Weather
  • Traffic patterns
Video Wall Systems Applications Across Various Industries


When considering a video wall system for different industry needs, you need to factor in how you want the layout to be, whether you want a single display or multiple connected sources. With multiple screens, you can individually manipulate each video to display something different, but with a single screen, you can control extensive background designs.

Overall, there is a diverse range of applications for a video wall system across different industries. No matter your industry, consider the strategic benefits of video walls for business enhancement.

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