8 Key Features to Look for in Content Management Software Digital Signage

May 11, 2024

Digital signage is a way to make a screen something much more. With the right type of content management software (CMS), you can not only create content for your digital displays but manage that content effectively. There are several options from which to choose, many of them charging monthly rates based on key features like the level of format support they offer, the amount of storage you get for scalability, scheduling features, and more.

Choosing content management software for digital signage 

Choosing the right CMS is critical for successful digital signage operations. Many features may be important to you based on the type of content you plan to create, such as access to photo and video content, but eight features are critical when choosing your content management software. 

Feature #1: User-Friendly Interface

You get a user-friendly interface with the right content management software for digital signage. The interface you use when creating and managing content shouldn’t be something so complicated that only “the pros” can handle it. 

It should be something that is intuitive, easy to use, and provides the right type of support. 

Feature #2: Multi-Format Support

The digital signage content management software you choose should also offer multi-format support. This extends to things like:

  • Mac/Apple versus Windows
  • Third-party video
  • Audio/video/image support

You likely want diversity in your content and perhaps in the digital signage hardware you use, so you should, naturally, have diversity in the support you get with formats. 

For example, the last thing you want is to pick software at a lower price only to realize it doesn't support Apple products when that is all that you have. 

Feature #3: Real-Time Content Updates

Good digital signage content management software should provide real-time content updates. You should be able to schedule these updates and ensure that they happen in real time. Depending on what you are displaying, content updates might be pivotal to the accuracy of the format or the structure.

Without real-time content updates, your company and sales can suffer, which is why this is a feature you need to look for when evaluating software.

content management software for digital signage

Feature #4: Remote Management Capability

Remote management capability is essential when choosing the right content management software for digital signage because it ensures that you and any other troubleshooting or management efforts can be done regardless of the location.

With the right software, you should be able to push updates while on vacation, at a conference, or out of town. The person in charge of managing your content should be able to add a holiday promotion or change the video to reflect updated hours and services no matter where they are.

Feature #5: Scheduling Features

Choosing a digital signage content management software system should include scheduling features. Digital signage marketing plans rely heavily on key metrics based on consumer/customer characteristics. 

For example, you might want to change the display in the morning, midafternoon, and evening based on changing customer demographics. But you certainly don’t want to have to do that manually. 

Instead, scheduling features make it possible to create multiple advertisements, videos, or other content and schedule when they should each go live. This makes the process seamless. 

Feature #6: Scalability

With content management software for digital signage, scalability is important too. You might not think that your company has any plans for major growth, but even minor growth needs to be accounted for. 

This extends to the support for things like:

  • Extra storage for additional content
  • Support for multiple screens

Feature #7: Integration Capabilities

Digital signage content management software should have integration capabilities. The types of capabilities will vary, and what matters most to you depends on your company's goals and how you plan to use your digital signage. 

Some of the most common include inventory systems. Inventory system integration makes it feasible for retail and sales companies to track their current inventory and report that data on the display. This can provide easy access for shoppers or employees to search through inventory. More importantly, this provides a vital KPI for managing the efficacy of your campaigns. You can review data on the changes to your inventory based on customer engagement with your digital signage.

The second most common integration capability is social media. Many companies benefit from incorporating social media platforms into their digital signage because it's a great way to increase brand exposure and show updates in real time about what people are talking about regarding your company, what promotions or updates are being pushed through your social media, and how your customers can jump in as well.

Feature #8: Analytics and Reporting Tools

As mentioned, analytics will play a very important role in your reporting. Just like any other marketing campaign, when you use digital signage content management system software to create your campaigns, you'll want to measure analytics and KPIs to review the impact each campaign is having.

Certain integration capabilities can make that easier because you can, of course, track your inventory in real time or see the engagement on social media platforms, but depending on your company, you might need more specific analytics and reporting tools.


The right digital signage content management software will be user-friendly. The interface should be uncomplicated—no doctorates required. It should also offer multi-format support and real-time updates. You also want scheduling features so you don't have to manually switch over your campaigns for different demographics.

The software you choose should be scalable so we can support the growth of your company. You should be able to utilize integration options to make your content more diverse and from there, review the efficacy of each campaign with the right reporting tools. A robust CMS will help you leverage the full potential of digital signage.

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