Exploring the Various Types of Digital Signage and Their Uses

May 9, 2024

This article will educate readers about the various types of digital signage available, detailing their specific uses and the benefits they offer in different environments, thus helping businesses and organizations make informed decisions about which digital signage solutions best meet their needs.

Digital signage is a dynamic communication tool that offers a variety of types, each of which can be adapted to different industries and purposes. By incorporating the right type of digital sign, your company can turn any old television into a modern display for digital content.

An Overview of Digital Signage Types

So, what are the types of digital signage?

Indoor Digital Signage

The primary type of digital signage is indoor digital signage. Indoor digital signage can be easily incorporated into several industries. 

  • Restaurants can mount televisions on the wall above where orders are taken to display accurate and regularly updated menu information.
  • Retail shops can display indoor digital signage with information on current promotions or upcoming sales.
  • Service-based companies like auto repairs or medical clinics can utilize digital signage as a way to incorporate social media, weather updates, and even live entertainment for those who are sitting in a waiting room or lobby.
indoor type of digital signage screens

Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage can be useful in parking lots, offering display information on things like:

  • Parking space availability
  • Meeting locations/times for larger venues
  • Directories for outdoor shopping centers

Outdoor digital signage requires unique digital signage capabilities that make it so that the sign can withstand things like exposure to the elements. This ruggedization also ensures that your digital sign is sturdy, displayed in an area where it won't be damaged by passers by, foot traffic, bicycles, or other things in the area.

Digital Menu Boards

As mentioned, restaurants can utilize indoor screens as a way to provide digital menu boards. Of the many types of digital signage, digital menu boards are one of the most prolific across several industries.

  • Hotels can provide a digital menu board that explains what food items are available during the morning breakfast buffet and the hours of operation, as well as the drink options at the hotel lobby bar on a screen when customers check-in. If this information remains on display at all hours, it will provide useful information for patrons without staff members needing to be available to field phone calls.
  • Salons can have digital menu boards displaying each of their services, costs, and other information like promotional packages if several services are purchased together or the wait time to work with a specific specialist.
  • Restaurants can use this type of digital signage to do away with having to provide menus or reprint menus each time changes to the offerings and prices occur.

Digital Posters

Other types of digital signage include digital posters. Digital posters offer a way to quickly, effectively, and inexpensively produce content that you can display within your office space, retail setting, grocery store, or other business.

  • Retail settings can use digital posters to promote sale items without having to print physical banners or other advertisements.
  • Stores in a mall or a shopping center can place indoor digital signage in their display cases next to items that are currently on sale or new.

Video Walls

Another easy type of digital signage is video walls. Video walls are exactly what the name suggests: a wall of screens on which different videos can be played.

  • In a lobby where customers are waiting for an oil change, car repair companies can use a video wall to display videos about any number of topics like identifying common car noises and when to get certain services.
  • In a large nail salon, a video wall can provide something for patrons to watch with subtitles while they are getting their nails done. 

Wayfinding Kiosks

Another common type of digital signage is a wayfinding kiosk. This means providing digital information on how to locate several things.

  • An office space can have a digital display that provides information on where certain meetings are taking place so that when people arrive for a meeting, they don't queue up behind the secretary waiting for information; instead, they can go directly to the respective room.
  • In a large venue like a conference center or a hotel, wayfinding kiosks can provide a place where patrons can see all of the events for that day, what times they begin and end, and where they are located at the venue.
  • Medical centers can provide a wayfinding station that makes it easier for patients and their family members to navigate the different facilities on campus and find the service they are looking for.
wayfinding kiosk is a type of digital signage

Considerations for Choosing the Right Type of Digital Signage

When you are choosing the right type of digital signage, there are several things you need to consider.


The location where you plan to use digital signage will influence what type of investment you need to make. 

For example, an indoor digital signage option can make use of an existing flat screen TV that your company may already have but if you need an outdoor display for something like an airport or a large concert venue, you'll need something that is more heavy duty.


You'll need to consider your audience. If you consider the example above of a nail salon, they might need two types of digital signage:

  1. The first would be a menu sign near the door where people can see what services are offered, a sign that can be easily updated based on the day of the week and which professionals are at the salon that day.
  2. The second would be a video wall where patrons can watch videos while they have their nails done, and these would be set up in different locations.

Content Type

Your business objectives need to align with the most appropriate type of content. The type of content you choose will of course influence which type of digital signage is best whether you are looking to provide information on locations and office spaces or entertainment and videos.


You also need to consider your budget. What are the types of digital signage for people on a budget? This extends to making the most out of existing televisions or affordable flat screen televisions but for some the budget might be more focused on long-term investments. There are digital signage solutions to fit any budget.


There are several types of digital signage, including indoor digital signage, outdoor digital signage, video walls, wayfinding kiosks, and digital posters. Each has unique respective uses and when you are implementing digital signage in a strategic way to meet your business needs, maximize communication, and enhance marketing goals, you need to invest in one or more types that meet these needs.

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