Digital Signage Software Features & Benefits

Our easy to use cloud-based digital signage software gets you going fast.

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What Display NOW Offers

Pictures of signage in train station and retail store (street facing).

Digital Signage Allows You To Communicate In A Whole New Way.

Create experiences that attract, engage and inform people. Immerse people in your brand, special offers, videos, slides, events, menus, and more. The possibilities are infinite!

Our digital signage software is simple, reliable and affordable. We're regularly adding new features to help meet the ever evolving needs of our customers.

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Manage your screens, in one place

See the status of your screens at a glance. You can see what's showing on them, change the playlist and more.

  • Pair your screen and remotely control it from here
  • See the status at a glance
  • Group your screens and share them with others
Visual of digital signs on someone's account.

Show different types of content

Media Apps bring your screens to life. When Google Slides and Display NOW are linked up, you can update content without any extra effort. Weather lets you show current and future conditions on screens. Upload your images to show things like menus, announcements, animated graphics and much more. We also support videos!

A visual of the Display NOW Media App store.

Digital signage helps dental patients discover services that change their lives.

Playlists give you ultimate control

Playlists let you organize media in an ordered loop for a desired duration. Mix & match for ultimate control of what shows on your screens.

  • Arrange media so it shows in the desired order
  • Fine tune duration each media shows on the screen
  • Send your playlist to one or more screens
Shows the form for creating a playlist.
Shows the add broadcast screen. People can create schedules to show media on screens.

Broadcasts save you time

Need to show different content at different times? No problem. You can automate what shows on your screens so you can get back to doing more important things.

  • Schedule media to show on selected screens
  • Repeat broadcasts (just like calendar scheduling)
  • Have screens in multiple time zones? We can handle that too.

Delegate and collaborate with Groups

Share screens, media, playlists & broadcasts with other people. Group members have full control of items inside but can't modify the owners subscription. It's great for distributed offices, restaurants, schools and more!

  • Get back time in your day by letting others help manage screens
  • Share access to specific screens, playlists, media and broadcasts
  • Group members do not need to have a paid subscription
Showing the Add Group screen where you name it, add to it and invite others to join in.
Folders make it easy to stay organized when you have many locations to manage.

Organize and scale with Folders

Folders make it easy to stay organized. It's especially helpful to organizations that have screens across multiple locations. Being able to visually see them grouped makes it easy to spot a screen that's offline and know exactly where it is.

  • Organize your screens however you'd like
  • Instantly search for folders, screen names, playlists and groups
  • When everything's in it's place, it just feels good :)

Digital signage helps students discover their passions in life early on so they can become something truly great.

Even More Features

Laptop / touch screen illustration. You can manage screens from any web browser on any device.


Ditch the laptop. The Display NOW Manager lets you make changes from any device.

Cloud / Sign Illustration


No expensive hardware. We regularly add new features to help meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Status At A Glance - Eyeball Illustration


View the status of your screens at a glance. If the green dot is showing, your media is presenting.

A screen sending illustrations back to digital signage manager.


See what's showing on your screens. Rest easy knowing your content is up and running.

All you have to do is turn the TV on.


Helps make sure your content is always front and center. Just turn the TV on and it will come back!

Broad Platform Support. Nothing expensive to buy.